People, experienced in their field; with the idea of bringing a fresh spirit and carrying the business to a higher level in power electronics and induction equipment market gathered together and **HERETECH** came out. **HERETECH** is a multi dimensional company. First of these dimensions is; the knowledge and ability to serve manufacturers from multiple industrial branches although the products are predominantly for **Induction Furnace components and spare parts market**. We are seriously assertive to supply high quality but also affordable and reliable spare parts and OEM products. Especially water-cooled power capacitors, disc type fast inverter thyristors and rectifier thristors (SCRs) are our starting points. Thanks to our expert team, we are making every effort to provide a reliable service to all our customers in sales and after sales support. When we look at all these angles our biggest goal is; to provide a total quality system to have the minimum failure, on-time delivery and the satisfaction of all companies who working with us. In addition, another aspect of being a multi dimensional company is our capability to work with leading producers, suppliers or service providers all around the world. Our Vision “Offering a modern approach beyond the traditional trade, a ‘Business Partner’ relationship rather than a ‘Customer-Seller’relationship for the technology products that you need or you are looking for in the ever developing and renewing technological World. For marketing yours or supplying to you or by going one step further from the view point of supporting every aspect of the sales process.” Our Mission “First of all, our code that we will never forget shall be that ‘being not just honest, also providing accurate and timely service.’ From this point of view, it is our greatest aim to continuously meet the expectations in the upper level by complying all the sensitivities with the companies we are working and with the companies we will work."

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